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Bali Residents Fear Trump Hotels Will Hate The Gods.

Bali Residents Fear Trump Hotels Will Hate The Gods.

A few days after President Donald Trump took over the Office, one of his company’s planned see the reaction of the local population.

The problem? They say the planned structure would infuriate the gods that inhabit the island, Bloomberg reported.

Trump International Hotel and Tower is a planned Bali joint efforts with local developers Indonesia. It will renovate an existing hotel to turn it into a much larger resort, complete with towers and golf courses.

It will ignore the Tanah Lot Temple of the 16th century, who believed the local population inhabited by gods of Hinduism. No one is allowed to build taller than a coconut tree height, or the gods will be angry, according to a local story — and the Trump International Hotel will far exceed that.

“I would suggest that there are no new developments that impact the shrine, ” said I Gusti Ngurah Sudiana, head of the local Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia, the country’s top Hindu organisation, according to a Bloomberg report. “These things are sensitive. The Balinese do not tend to speak, but matters relating to the sanctity of the shrine is very sensitive, only the penegakannya are too weak. ”

During his time memperantarai deal for the hotel Indonesia, Trump also became friendly with Setya Novanto, spokesman of the State of representation while removed from Office after trying to squeeze out $4 million from U.S. mining companies, report Atlantic.

Trump calls Novanto “a wonderful man” at an event in September 2015, leading to concerns about a potential conflict of interest for real-the maestro who turned into the President.

The President puts his two sons in charge of the company when he took office. Critics have repeatedly asked Trump to release ownership of the Trump Organization as he held the Office, and the President refused.

Trump Hotels did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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